Creativity is an ocean of possibilities Notions on steady waves of freedom From the sprout of a thought till a tree of knowledge Tremors in sound as harmonic waves of ideas


Our area of expertise consists of the following services;

  • Design
    • Webdesign (for websites and web-applications)
    • Graphic Design (logos, banners, leaflets, bussinesscards, greeting cards etc)
  • Development
    • Frontend only websites (require no heavy backend, database and programming)
    • Deployment and configuration of ready-made CMS systems (like Drupal or Wordpress)
    • Custom development of applications and sites on request. (with extensive backend capabilities, databases and external connections)
    • Applications in Low Code Platform for quick and easy development
  • Project management and IT consulting
    • We guide your entire IT project and advise on best approaches
    • Provide SWOT-analyses and resource planning